My Homework Student Planner App

Homework is considered to be a nightmare for students because it requires a lot of time and hard work for its completion. Students need to spend extra time from their daily routine to complete their homework. This is why, they don’t like doing it. There are many students who face problems in organizing and remembering their academic tasks because of which they fail to complete their work on time and then as a result get bad marks from their teachers.

Technology has made everything quite simple and easy including homework writing. There are many iPad applications that help students in planning, organizing and remembering their academic tasks and also in completing them on time. These applications are specially designed for students who find their homework difficult. If you are one of such students, then these applications can provide you great help. Some of the best iPad applications for homework writing are listed below:

my Homework:

This application is designed for students of all levels, including middle school students, high school students and college level students. This homework application offers special features that make homework writing easy and simple for students. Many students find it hard to remember their tasks or assignments, this homework planner helps them in keeping a record of their assignments and also reminds them when they have to submit it.


This is one of the best homework writing applications. It is basically a planner that helps students in organizing all their “to do task” and assignments, preparing a proper schedule, taking notes and also in reminding students what they have to do etc. This is no doubt an awesome homework planner that makes homework writing very easy, simple and organized for students. Now they don’t need to dig their notebooks to find a lecture or a note, they can just keep all their data related to their studies, assignments, notes and other tasks in a proper order and organized manner.

The Homework App:

This is also an amazing application that helps students in adding, viewing and completing their homework. They can use simple calendars to organize   on a daily or monthly basis. They can also keep reminders in order to know when a particular task is due. This application can also be used as a planner and reminder for tasks.


This is also a very simple and easy to use homework planner that is perfect for managing schoolwork. You can view all your tasks and organize them by classes. You just need to list down all the tasks that you have to do along with their due dates. After that, you can search for the assignments anytime to know which one is due first.

Apart from these, there are some other homework planners or applications as well, such as Study Aid, I Homework and i Studies Pro, etc. that you can use to ease your work. All of these applications offer a number of amazing features that make it very simple for you to organize and do your academic tasks.


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