Refund Policy to provide you convenience in the best way possible

At, we adhere to transparent and extensive refund policy for partial or full refund. It is an ethical duty of the service provider to pay back if the client does not get the product he actually demanded for. Similarly if the customer is not satisfied by our service even though we have tried our level best to provide our premium services, the customer can surely askfor a refund. But even in this situation we would emphasize that the client may consider our request for revision at least once of the content supplied. We provide free revisions.Our record shows that in 96% cases clients’grievances gotresolved this way and they clearly got the product they actually demanded. Otherwise the option of refund is always available. The client can request the refund in the following conditions.

1) Plagiarism found in the content.
2). Deadline provided is not met.
3) The paper received is of low quality.
4) Revision did not get completed on time.
5) Client Support did not provide any response in 24 hours via any means.
According to the company policy, client can demand a refund within 7 days, once the paper ordered has been received. The refund request will be passed by the Quality Assurance Department, after receiving the approval; the client will receive the amount within 10-15 days.