Terms and conditions to establish long term relationships

We aim to provide you the finest of our services. You can visit our about us section to have a detailed understanding of the services we provide. In order to build a stronger relationship we have formulated the terms and conditions according to which the working relations with clients will carry on. You are requested to thoroughly read the terms. If we receive your order this is a proof that you affirm to and fully agree with the below mentioned terms set by the company and edited in the user agreement. We do not give you a guarantee that by obtaining our service you will get top marks as the main objective of our service is to provide an original document with references and related services as has been instructed by the client.

Free Revision Policy

We maintain a policy of free revision for all customers who want their papers to be revised. The revision will be free of cost. The free revision service will be provided within a period of 14 to 30 days depending on the extent of the order of the deadline. The revision will be made according to the requirements that were specified initially. The revision will not involve any cost as far as it is done within the time that was specified before. A nominal fee might be charged after that period.

Refund made guaranteed under the following conditions

1. If you are not satisfied by our performance and after free revision you still do not like to carry on you can ask your money back within 72 hours. The request must be made in writing. After passing of 72 hours if we do not receive any such request it would be assumed that the order has been accepted by the client.

2- If the client wants the order to be cancelled, it must be informed to us before the order is handed over to any writer. The notification can be made via an e-mail or an order messaging system. The amount of the order cannot be refunded.

3- If it is notified to us that the user agreement is violated by the client via any means, the company on an individual case basis may approve or reject the order. Following are the reasons that may lead to your order being received late by the deadline mentioned.

a)  Payments of the order are made late or not at all: Until we do not receive the order amount we will not start working on your paper. In that particular scenario TheEssayService.com takes no responsibility for not meeting the deadline.